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Four-A-Day Weekly O.D.A.A.T. Medication Planner with Carrying Case (Medium)

SRP: $19.14
Price: $15.95
SKU: AP67435
UPC: 025715674353
Brand: Apothecary
Pill Box Style
Capacity 7 Day
Regimen 4 Times Daily
Dimensions 7 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 1"
Color Clear
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Four-A-Day Weekly O.D.A.A.T. Medication Planner with Carrying Case (Medium) by Apothecary in Pill Reminders.

Contains 7 individual daily pill reminders and a unique "slip in" storage case.  It allows your fill a week's medication at one time and offers the convenience of taking one day's medication with you.

The individual pill reminders have four compartments to cover all times of the day.  Each pill reminder is printed with the day of the week and the time of the day on each compartment.  This convenient feature allows you to set up a full week's medication at one time.

The unique "slip-in" organizer case holds each daily pill reminder in a handy storage pocket.  An easy to use prescription information label is included to assist you in taking the right dosage at the right time.

The carrying case snaps shut securely.


  • 7 daily pill reminders - all removable!
  • Four doses per day
  • Versatile and discreet for home and travel
  • Each compartment can hold up to 11 aspirin tablets
  • Carrying case snaps shut securely


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