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Premium Locking Weekly Pill Planner - XL

SRP: $9.54
Price: $7.95
SKU: AP67606
UPC: 025715676067
Brand: Apothecary
Pill Box Style
Capacity 7 Day
Regimen 1 Time Daily
Dimensions 8 3/4" x 2" x 7/8"
Color Varies
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Premium Locking Weekly Pill Planner - XL by Apothecary in Pill Reminders.

Ezy Dose Locking 7 Day Pill Reminder
The unique design of the Weekly Locking Pill Planner features a locking device that prevents pills from spilling inside your purse, briefcase or suitcase.  The one-touch lock bar locks all compartments for secure transport!  Transparent covers offer clear medication identification.


  • Easy lock button prevents accidental opening or spilling.
  • Sleek, child-resistant design
  • Red and green buttons make it easy to tell whether reminder is locked or unlocked
  • Lock button locks all compartments for secure transport
  • Each compartment holds 35 aspirin tablets
  • Assorted colors with see-through cover for easy identification
  • Contoured bottom for easy pill removal
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