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Apex 7 Day Ultra Bubble-Lok Pill Organizer

SRP: $7.14
Price: $5.95
SKU: 70072PL
UPC: 076855700723
Brand: Apex
Pill Box Style
Capacity 7 Day
Regimen 1 Time Daily
Dimensions 6.5" x 1.5" x 1.25"
Color Varies

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Apex 7 Day Ultra Bubble-Lok Pill Organizer by Apex in Pill Reminders.

The Bubble-LokĀ® design pops open easily with the push of your thumbs yet your pills are stored securely when it is closed.


  • Extra Large for additional storage capacity
  • Contoured compartments for easy pill removal
  • To open any compartment, use thumb to simply push on the contoured Ultra Bubble-LokĀ® wall area on the front of the compartment and the lid will pop open
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