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Locking Pill Cutter with Dispenser

SRP: $8.34
Price: $6.95
SKU: AP67432
UPC: 025715674322
Brand: Apothecary
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Locking Pill Cutter with Dispenser by Apothecary in Pill Cutters.

Locking Pill Cutter With Dispenser
Pocket Size Locking Tablet Cutter with Dispenser.  Unique, optional locking feature helps protect children from accidentally accessing sharp blade.  The sharp stainless steel blade cuts pills in half for easier swallowing.  The innovative design features flexible "wings" that hold both large and small pills.  Convenient dispensing tray captures pill half for easy retrieval. 

  • Optional Locking lid to protects children from sharp blade
  • Razor-sharpe stainless steel blade cuts tablets precisely
  • Convenient dispenser releases half the pill while interior tray holds the other half for later use
  • Flexible arms hold pill securely in place for cutting
  • Pocket Sized
Product Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 5/8"
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