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SammyLife Vita Travel 9 Compartment Vitamin Dispenser

SRP: $14.376
Price: $11.98
SKU: 12901
UPC: 489702012901
Brand: Sammylife
Pill Box Style
Capacity 9 Compartment
Regimen Daily Use
Dimensions 6" x 4.75" x 1.25"
Color White & Gray
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SammyLife Vita Travel 9 Compartment Vitamin Dispenser by Sammylife in Vitamin Organizers.

SammyLife Vita Travel - 9 Compartment Pill & Vitamin Organizer Dispenser

The SammyLife Vita Travel Vitamin Dispenser from Group Medical Supply makes remembering and taking vitamins easier. Whether you are going for an overnight stay or visiting for a week, the Vita Travel is a dispenser that can save time and effort. To load, simply open the lid and drop in the first three days supply of vitamins/supplements. Once all three days have been loaded, slide the top lever to the right and drop dosages down one tier. Slide the second lever to drop down another tier. Then load the next day and repeat these steps.

This product is great for individuals with limited manual dexterity or arthritis. The lid is designed for easy open single-hand dispensing making this one of the most versatile travel organizers for vitamins on the market.


  • 9 compartments for 9 daily dosages of your vitamins or supplements
  • Easy open compartments make removal of vitamins and/or supplements less difficult
  • The upper lid snaps shut so you won't lose vitamins
  • Clear see-through windows allow you to see how many dosages are left
  • Each cell holds one dosage of up to 15 pills


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