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Fastener Finder - 6 Compartment Organizer

SRP: $17.976
Price: $14.98
SKU: VV00202
UPC: 636422303131
Brand: Vitavault
Item Specs
Color Grey
Dimensions 9" x 2.6" x 5"
Size 6 Compartment
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Fastener Finder - 6 Compartment Organizer by Vitavault in Vitamin Organizers.

The Fastener Finder - 6 Compartment Organizer

The Fastener Finder  is specially designed to help organize and keep track of all kinds of nuts and bolts, or whatever else you may want sorted out. By using this carefully constructed tool, you will be able to easily access whichever nut, bolt, or screw you may need to use next as they are neatly separated and dispensed for your convenience. The exterior is made from durable gray plastic from a single mold. The insert is a six sectioned piece of acrylic with a removable hinged swinging cover.

  • Use with or without the cover
  • Fills from the top and makes storage easy
  • Cutaway bottom and raised corners allow you to stack them 2-3 high
  • Great for the garage, basement shop, workshop, jewelery bench or craft table
  • Hardware not included
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