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VitaVault Vitamin Dispenser (Blue)

SRP: $15.54
Price: $12.95
SKU: VV00201-BL
UPC: 854786002013
Brand: Vitavault
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VitaVault Vitamin Dispenser (Blue) by Vitavault in Vitamin Organizers.

VitaVault Daily Vitamin Dispenser

Vita Vault Daily Vitamin Dispenser is an easier way to take daily vitamins/supplements.  VitaVault is a filing system and a dispenser that makes the task of taking vitamins much easier. Existing products are designed for travel and/or the combining of multiple pills in one small daily compartment, which means each of those containers has to be filled frequently and very carefully. Big Problem! But with VitaVault's easy open lid and six compartments to hold and dispense your vitamins/supplements every 60 days makes your life a whole lot easier. The solution is Vita Vault.


  • Each VitaVault contains easy operating instructions and pre-printed labels.
  • Vita Vaults top lid opens to view 6 compartments to hold different vitamins and supplements.
  • To retrieve your vitamin just lift the lower lid and remove your needs from each compartment.
  • You can mount VitaVault on a wall or cabinet door using keyhole cutouts on the back, (screws not provided). You can also place the unit on a shelf, counter top or in a medicine cabinet.
  • Enclosed are pre-printed labels for many of the vitamin/supplements available. Additional 16 blank labels are provided for you to complete as needed. You may double the compartment space by simply stacking two units together
  • Stackable/Mountable - VitaVaults are specially designed to be stacked, as form fitted tops and bottoms fit together snugly. Mount your new Vita Vault inside a cupboard or pantry door to save space 
  • Easy Open Lid - "why didn't I think of this?" - VitaVault did  - and came up with the solution to a problem that has aggravated almost everyone who takes vitamin supplements on a daily basis. 
  • No more fumbling every day with bottles and packets. No more spilling of vitamins or pills
  • Made in USA


Product Dimensions: 9" x 2.5" x 5"


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