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ProRxDisc Pill Cutter w/ Catch Cup & 2 Medication Containers

SRP: $16.74
Price: $13.95
SKU: PRORX-01004_AP66104
UPC: 767942216967
Brand: Medifacx
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ProRxDisc Pill Cutter w/ Catch Cup & 2 Medication Containers by Medifacx in Pill Cutters.

ProRxDisc Deluxe 18 Cavity Pill Cutter

The ProRxDisc Pill Cutter possesses a unique disc carousel which holds pills differently than other pill cutters. The unique blade geometry and holding method combine to create better cuts that other cutters. The egress thru the lid top makes most pill retrievals easy too.  The cavities in the ProRxDisc are more versatile, and can hold pills more loosely during cutting which reduces breakage. Other pill cutters have a straight blade which "chops" the pill, one of the main causes of breakage. The blade on the ProRxDisc is thinner and has a curved edge which "slices" pills instead of "chopping" them. Just cut the pill and tip upside down, the pill halves drop out the top into the pill catch cup provided. Made from BPA FREE Plastic.

The 2 medication containers that come with this deluxe pill cutter is a special add on only offered by Group Medical Supply. This allows you to use one container to store your medications, while using the other container to store your pills which you have already cut, allowing you to cut medications ahead of time if you would like.

To Clean: Remove disc, clean parts and blade in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, air dry.

  • Safe-T-Guard self retracting blade system for safety
  • Unique 12 slot disc with different pill shaped cavities to accommodate all pill size
  • Thinner blade with curved edge to "slice" pills rather than "chop" them
  • Just cut and tip upside down, the pill halves drop right into the catch cup (included)
  • Comes with one disc, one catch up, instructions, and 2 medication containers

*Please Note: Pill Cutter should NOT be used to cut liquid filled or gel caps.
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