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Storage Container with Gasket Seal and Dividers (4 Pack)

SRP: $11.976
Price: $9.98
SKU: GMS44123
UPC: 767942223941
Brand: eNNOVEA
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Storage Container with Gasket Seal and Dividers (4 Pack) by eNNOVEA in Pill Boxes.

All-Purpose Storage Container

eNNOVEA storage containers with gaskets and dividers are the perfect way to store small items. Easily remove three of the dividers for more room or keep them in for up to four separate compartments for organizing. They can be used to store medication, beads, herbs, or small screws and bolts. These handy little containers are ideal for the hobbyist that needs help organizing their small arts and crafts. The less time you have to worry about where your supplies are means more time for everything else.

  • Pocket size - great for short trips and on-the-go use
  • 4 optional dividers create separate compartments if needed
  • Ideal for organizing small items around the house
  • Each container comes with a gasket and 4 dividers
  • Pack of 4 containers

Product Dimensions: 1 7/8" h x 2 1/8" diameter
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