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2-Week Duets Snap-Apart Pill Planner

SRP: $13.14
Price: $10.95
SKU: AP67596
UPC: 025715675961
Brand: Apothecary
Pill Box Style
Capacity 14 Day
Regimen 1 Time Daily
Dimensions 8 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/8"
Color Various
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2-Week Duets Snap-Apart Pill Planner by Apothecary in Pill Reminders.

Ezy Dose 14 Day Snap-Apart Pill Reminder
The 2-Week Duets Pill Planner helps you remember your daily medication!  Easy-to-open lids indicate the day of the week by letter and are made of translucent, durable plastic, so you can tell if you've taken your medication without opening the lid.  14 large compartments feature rounded scoop bottoms for easy pill removal and 2 extra compartments for your vitamins, aspirin and other medications! 

Duets are designed to fit together in pairs to form a 14-day Pill Planner with 2 extra compartments.


  • Holds medication for 2 weeks, plus 2 extra compartments for occasional items like aspirin, allergy pills, etc.
  • The two sides snap together or apart for convenience
  • Each compartment holds up to 50 aspirin tablets
  • Lids snap shut to keep pills in place
  • See-through covers for easy identification
  • Contoured bottom for easy removal
  • Assorted colors
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